Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Brian the Blanket

I know that when you make a blanket, you're supposed to give it a name or a label. If you design it yourself it could be something inspiring like the 'Spirit of Tarqua' blanket, or something that describes the look of it like the 'Superfun Whizz Popper' blanket. I just made both of those up. I don't think they actually exist but feel free to google it just in case.

I didn't 'design' this blanket. People have been whipping up stashbusting granny square blankets ever since granny squares began. 

But I didn't want to simply give this blog post a lame heading like 'Granny Square Blanket' or some such (I think I already did a few years ago?). So I decided to call this blanket 'Brian'. 

I started work on Brian back at the end of December.  On a whim sometime last year I purchased a yarn pack with a rainbow of colours in it. The shop called it a:

It's not as big or 'mega' in real life as it appears here in this image but it was fine. The yarn has this glossy quality which the magpie in me was attracted to so I threw the dollars at the shop person and ran off cackling and hugging my environmentally unfriendly plastic bag of 'Fun pack mega' acrylic yarn.

I put the yarn in a basket and lugged it to many places. I crocheted Brian in the car at school pick ups, while travelling on a ridiculously brief trip to Mollymook, and to the drive in...

I loved all the colour combos. I'd select colours carefully in groups of 3.
The yarn in the 'Fun Pack Mega' (please don't make me say that again) was actually a brand called Marvel Stallion which I had purchased from time to time in the past and had lots of leftovers which I added to my basket stash.
At this stage I stopped carefully choosing colours, and just added whatever I had left that I hadn't used in any recent rows. 
Brian slowly grew.
8Track the pesky little nutbag grew fond of Brian and decided to sleep on him in the basket.
Then decided he didn't particularly care for Brian and just wanted the basket.
At last I had very little glossy yarn left so I started on an edging. Despite Brian being a big square, I have only edged 2 sides with a sort of saw toothed edging. It sort of looks fun and circussy.
When you roll up Brian, he really does look like he was birthed from a 'Fun Pack Mega'.

I put Brian on the couch and went off looking for my phone to take a photo. When I came back Sonofgun No.2 had crawled under it and declared it belonged to him.
Then his constant companion Bijoux appeared.
She decided it was hers.
After a couple of hours, the Queen of Floof removed herself and I was able to take it for a few pics. Chuck Norris was here purely by invitation. He normally sleeps on the blanket to the right of this photo.
So Brian has taken up residence on the couch in our little loungeroom. I am of two minds about the purple circus edging. 

But Chuck has decided it's ok.


Red Haired Amazona


  1. I love Brian the Blanket.... can you say the name of the Yarn pack just one more time???

  2. Love Brian and all the fur babies!

  3. Wow.. bravo on completing that gorgeous blanket! It seems like it is very popular in your family and I'm wondering if it will end up on your son's bed. You might need to get going on another one! Thank you for your kind comments about my darling son. It's been quite the ordeal for him and the whole family. I'm so relieved he's alive! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Where is the pattern for this fun blanket?

    1. Hi Caryl, Brian is crocheted as a basic granny square that is finished when you are! If you google 'basic granny square' you should find loads of video and written tutorials. I simply just crocheted round and round in a square, changing colours either at the end of each row, or when that particular colour ran out!

    2. I have crocheted granny squares before but I could certainly use a tutorial. Thanks for helping a beginner!