Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Middle Aged Merida

It's been an exciting and busy week or two around here.

Firstly I've been getting reacquainted with sewing.

Sewing and I don't really get along too well.  Like an unhappy 40 year marriage, we tolerate each other for the sake of the kids.  Generally Sewing and I avoid each other but there are rare circumstances where we have no choice but to get on and do the business because our options are limited and necessity prevails.

The necessity this time arose because of BFF The Blonde Bombshells 30th Birthday extravaganza.
Or as we like to call it, the 1st anniversary of her 29th birthday.

It was a Disney costume party.

Somehow I decided to go as Merida from Brave.  I figured at least I'd save money on a wig.

Ebay had normal Merida costumes (as opposed to the vast array of 'slutty' Merida costumes) for over $140!

Whenever you search for grown up lady Disney costumes on Ebay, there are loads available. But about 60-70% of them call themselves 'Slutty Cinderella' or 'Slutty Snow White' etc.

Not quite the look I was going for?

So after researching on the Google, I decided to MAKE IT MYSELF.

I found a green velvet dress on the Ebay for on $26 (including postage) from a seller in Singapore which arrived super fast.  Then a cape from a local ebay seller here in Melbourne.  This was probably the most expensive purchase at $30 hastily made 3 days before, but I needed one pronto and didn't have time to make it.

I then picked up some cheesecloth, thread and lace from Spotlight, and a bow & arrow set from a cheap costume shop (which didn't have any Merida dresses).  I found some shoes and a belt from the local Op Shop for $9 and a gorgeous metal Celtic Buckle for $4 (ebay again).

Then got down to business.

This is not a professional looking job by any means! But it came out looking alright for the night!

I machine stitched the lace on, but had to hand stitch all the cheesecloth inserts.

Would you like to see my handiwork?

But despite the Frankenstein sewing, the end result kind of worked!

Call me Middle Aged Merida
Disney Merida

 The Blonde Bombshell spared no expense with the dress of her choice. I'm sure she won't mind if I share this photo with you.

Pretty as a picture!

I accidentally shot Cinderella a split second after this photo was taken.

We kept the restaurant patrons amused as Malificent, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie the Cowgirl, foxy Jessica Rabbit, Scar from the Lion King, Boo from Monsters Inc, a Dalmation, Princessed- up Cinderella, poor Cinderella, sonofagun No. 1 as a Toy Story soldier, Petes Dragon, Mary Poppins and Cruella Deville, Boo-boo and some uncostumed, but no less merry guests drank cocktails and drooled over the crumbed oysters and wagyu beef balls.

Buzz and Jessie were even asked by some of the other restaurant patrons to pose for a photo to show their kids!

So now back to crochet.  My craft of choice and comfort!

I do have an impending project that has been requested by the Bear which is his very own Man type blanket. It will be a Zigzag bold coloured thing. I'm still going through an internal creation process on that one.

In the meantime I am continuing to experiment with wrist cuffs.

Here is my first pair made with 2 ply cotton thread which I have been wearing...

And then I tried making one with  8ply cotton yarn.

And now I've made another pair so I can experiment with adding two layers of lacy edging!

I should be finished with this one in a day or two as the edging works up really quickly.  I'm loving the creative side of it. I've been looking up old doily patterns for ideas and inspiration!  I also want to write up the patterns and post a couple of different styles, but am testing them out with different yarns first. 
The body of the cuff in a cotton thread take AGES so I'm looking into quicker alternatives for that too.

How's your week been?

The Red Haired Amazona


  1. Awesome! You did great coming up with that costume!

    1. Thanks Jessy! It turned out ok for a handstitched job! I won't be leaping into any such endeavor again soon :)

  2. Wow I think your costume looks fantastic and the party looked as is everyone had great fun.

    Love the cuffs but then I am partial to cuffs.

    1. Thanks Caroline. It was lots of fun. I am loving the wrist cuffs. They kind of have an edwardian look to them I think?

  3. Love the outfit!!! Well done...... now step away from the machine ;-) and pick up a hook!

    1. Ha! Yes Ma'am! Have made some decent progress on the wrist cuffs today so I feel like I'm back where I belong!

  4. Ha ha your costume looks fantastic! I'm glad to see you all had a good time too :) x

  5. What a lovely idea for a grown up party! I think you did a sterling job finding a good dress to start with and the finished result is great.

  6. How do you wear the cuffs? Under a jumper? They're very pretty.
    Your costume does not look frankensteiny at all :)

  7. That is one great outfit and looks almost the same as the Disney version. Well done you especially as you arnt a fan of sewing! The crochet wrist warmers look so pretty.

  8. I love your outfit, well done on completing it, it looks like you, Cinderella and the rest of the 'cast' had a great time.
    The cuffs look really pretty.
    Jan x

  9. Hello. I absolutely love the costume you created. It's lovely. Looks like you had a great time too. The pattern for the cuffs is very pretty. My best to you. Hugs, Pat