Thursday, 7 October 2021

How I spent my birthday

🍰🍧🌼Yesterday was my birthday 🌻🍓🍰
We're still in lockdown so there are limits to what we can do but it was a lovely day anyway.
I picked flowers in the morning. Any day in Spring that I can pick flowers is awesome.
So far this Spring my garden is just straight up bragging at me.
I mean check out this foxglove below. Not only is it bragging at me about how frigging gorgeous it is, it's bragging at me about how tall it is. It's now taller than me. Show off.
These pelargoniums look like frilly underskirts of Can Can girls from the Moulin Rouge. If these flower petals were a skirt, I'd wear it.
Have you got that kicking Can Can music in your head now? I do. The old fashioned kind but I'm trying to remember the cool rocked up version from the movie Moulin Rouge with our girl Nic. I quite like that movie until she died. Then I wanted to kick Baz Luhrmann in the kneecaps. Crikey dude, can't you have one movie with a happy ending?
These snapdragons were on the discount table at the local hardware shop a few months ago. They were wilted and small. I bought 4 pots for 50c each. 
Heck yeah, Salvias! And the frizzy green fennel leaves remind me of Kylie Minogue the absinthe fairy...
I went for a walk with the Blonde Bombshell the Divine Miss Emma and her little sprogget. We walked around Cherry Lake. The ground was blanketed in parts with this beautiful native succulent.

The diet was blown when we found a Mr Whippy van parked there. The Divine Miss Em treated us both to the most calorific soft serve cones. On a scale of 1 to Amazing, this was orgasmic! I chose choc dipped with nuts. The chocolate wasn't a cheap, thin runny chocolate. It was thick Cadbury tasting chocolate that was a solid respectable layer of 'HOLY HIPS, YOU IS WOBBLING NOW!'  

But by the end of the day I had actually hit 11,500ish steps so I regret nothing. 

I did a little bit of crochet.  I am contemplating making some smaller versions of some of my amigurumi birds such as Stevie Bird below for the Xmas tree this year. Each Christmas I contemplate a theme. This year it might be birds. I say 'contemplate' because I contemplate it, then as I'm decorating I realise I love all my decorations and use all of them and any idea of 'theme' goes out the window.
My other lovely sister-friend Wren's Place popped by for a 'socially distanced curbside drive-by' to wish me HB and surprised me with Ursula the Unicorn. She is amazing and huge!
I have hung her from the ceiling of my craft room. She's hanging above me right now as I type.
AND a magical munchy cupcake. I decided to save it for today after yesterdays calorie explosion. It tastes like a unicorn kissed a rainbow in my mouth. Fortunately as we are both trying to be healthy (she is being so much more successful than me!) she also gifted me a beautiful folk art fruit bowl filled with... fruit! And half of it has been eaten already!
In the afternoon I worked on some plant labels I started on the weekend. We have planted a verge garden filled with herbs which we are hoping our neighbours want to use as well. They need labels as many of the people I have chatted with in the street mention they don't know some of the plants. I started doing some with some basic paints I had leftover from when the boys did craft. I then ordered some acrylic paint pens online which arrived yesterday. So much more precise than 10 year old $2 shop paint brushes!
The 2 stakes below were with paint and brushes.
This one was done with the acrylic paint pens. I still have a few more to go. I was getting a few phone calls from friends and relatives, so I spent the afternoon chatting on the phone handsfree while doodling little plant stakes.
Once they are all finished they will get a few coats of some sort of sealant.

I ended the day with a book that I picked up a few months ago. I honestly can't remember where I found it. But after finishing a trashy pirate romance novel, Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon and The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams, I have finally started The Good Wife of Bath by Karen Brooks. 
It's a retelling of the Tale of the Good Wife of Bath by Chaucer in the Canterbury Tales. 
I did read the Canterbury Tales decades ago and am a fan of middle English stories. I had to make myself put this down last night well after midnight as I was really enjoying it.
As I rang in each year in my 20s at the clubs with a G&T in one hand and a delicious young man in the other I never would have thought picking flowers, walking, painting and reading would be considered a top class quality birthday in my late 40s. But here I am dear occasional readers. Soaking it up and living large (but really hating the extra wrinkles).

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. A belated birthday greeting from West Gippsland. Your garden looks beautiful, very much further along I think than mine which needs its makeover now. Wondering where the lake and park are, as my DD lives on your side of Melbourne and about the same age I would say, so maybe one day we could all meet up for a picnic. Wonder if we'll ever be out of this woeful mess? Not tried amigurami, but would love to. Take care & hugs.

    1. Hi Susan, thank you! Cherry Lake is in Altona. Sandwiched between the cute little beachside suburb where I used to live a few years ago and the Mobil refinery. The council constantly works to protect and encourage local wildlife (probably so locals will ignore a whopping massive oil refinery in their backyard). There's a playground and lots of picnic tables and places. I used to walk or cycle around it regularly. There are lots of sweet little fairy wrens. Who knows, maybe one day we can picnic! xox

  3. Oh, what a great read, and your floral photos are soooo beautiful. LOVE the colours of those snapdragons. Belated Happy Birthday to you too, it sounds like you are really living your best life with lots of happy in your heart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks for your birthday wishes Lucy. I do go up and down from time to time, but that was a very happy day :)