Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hat Frenzy!

Have you ever noticed that when you've REALLY got THINGS that need to be done and deadlines to do them by, that life makes it just that little bit more tricky?

Don't worry. I'm not one of those FML people. I tend to take such things good naturedly and with a bit of humour after the fact. Whilst it's happening, I just put my head down and focus on the endgame.

The last 2 weeks I've been trying to complete 2 Cloche Hats for my friends adorable little girls who both shared a birthday party yesterday. 

I had put aside my current project of the Rainbow Hoodie while I finished the hats.  I had actually started them a couple of months ago to be ready as birthday gifts, then picked up the hoodie and then with 2 weeks to go realised that hoodie must wait, and once again worked on the Cloche hats.

And when the heat is on, when the DEADLINE looms, when the PRESSURE BUILDS,
what happens?

Sonofagun No.2 gets sick with the dreaded lurgy.

And then I get sick with the dreaded lurgy. 


No reason! Just because!

But truth will out.  Nope, wrong adage. Manners maketh man.  No, not that one either....

Onwards and upwards!

That'll do.

I soldiered on (with Codral of course....  Aussies will know what I'm talking about).  Drugs and copious cups of tea and honey and All of The Things helped me suck it up and perservere!

For those of you who've made these, you'll know the hat part is pretty quick and easy. The time consuming part is the decorating.  But this is also what I really enjoy.

I found a very pretty leaf pattern on Lakeview Cottage Kids.  The pattern includes a little leaf stem, however I left it out as it wasn't necessary for the hats.

I expanded on a flower idea originally designed by me ol' mate Vicki from Off The Hook for her wavy flower.

I added an extra row of flowery-ness inside to create a fat Can-can dress effect.

And as you can see from the picture above, I also LOOOOOOOOVE crocheting green viney twirls all over the hats.  It's so addictive!

I also found the most adorable and super fast little swirly rosebud pattern thanks to the Pinterest aka 'Where did the last 5 hours of my life go?'

The pattern can be found on the Pink Milk blog site.  They are not only super fast, but super easy to whip up!

Sonofagun No. 2 is such a great sport.  He happily modelled the finished product so I could show it off to you guys!

They are a little bit big for him as you be able to see from the fact the top looks a bit saggy, but they'll fit and last ages for the new owners.  

This sweet little Cloche hat can be found in it's original format in Russian here (and poorly translated english).

BUT for the English language written pattern, you can go here!!! 

AND don't forget that Vicki and I have also created a series of video tutorials for this sweet little hat as well.....

Now back to that hoodie!

My favourite day is Monday because I get to check out all the lovely blogs of craft minx's who join in Handmade Monday! Click on the big square thing below to visit and be inspired!

The Red Haired Amazona


  1. These are just beautiful. really gorgeous!
    What is about deadlines? I tell the kids not to leave there homework till the last minute but I seem to find it impossible to do anything until I'm right up against a deadline - time to start practising what I preach maybe. Hope you are all feeling better now.

    1. Hi Julia!
      I've spent one last day at home but I'll drag myself back to work tomorrow 😕
      I'm glad you like them!

  2. The "Temporal-Anomaly" is in the Details! ;-D
    I've got a 2-wk deadline coming up myself. Digging OUT my "Show"-Gear for a meer 3-hr craft sale on the 23rd! So, I *know* where [and WHEN] you're coming from!

    Anyhoo, GREAT JOB! Looks like you might've had enough yarn in the Add-ons to make a 3rd hat!

    1. Good luck with the craft sale! I'll go check out your pics on photobucket!

  3. BTW, THANKS for the Link COMMENT! - The couch is actually an Aqua-Tealish Blue...
    And, if you go to PHOTOBUCKET, my album is "HANDMADEBYAUNTIESHAN" - it has pics of most of my blankets. - But just a warning though, have a good "data"-plan as PB kicks out a lot of stupid vid-ads!

  4. Oh Wow those hats are stunning absolutely beautiful. a piece of art for your head.

    I am normally organised but then also work well under pressure, must be down to my real job all those years ago, lol

    1. Thank you! I'm getting better at being organised. At 42! I dont mind working under pressure if its crochet related :)

  5. What such gorgeous hats the extra detailing is fabby. Two little girls will look super cute in them.

    1. Thank you! I did receive a photo from the mum later that night and they looked adorable and seemed to love them which was lovely!

  6. The hats are beautiful and I'm sure their new owners will love them.

  7. Aww i'm sorry you've been poorly, i hope you're feeling lots better now. Your hats are just adorable, i love all the detail in the decorations, their new owners are going to be so thrilled with them :) x

  8. Oh my, those cloche hats are sooo adorable! Your photos are also stunning, just loved this post xx

  9. I love those hats, sometimes I wish I had little girls to make stuff for!