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free scoodie pattern

Goodie! It's a Scoodie!

Whilst I may be modelling this bright little Scoodie and I'm a full blown adult sized person, it's actually for a 10 year old. 

crochet scoodie

It's a fairly simply design which was inspired by a Rainbow Hoodie posted by Marken of the Hat & I.  There are some key changes though. 

Most of the Scoodie patterns I found had the scarf as an infinity scarf style which is joined in a loop to the hood. I have made it so each scarf end hangs freely.  I also have used a lighter yarn (just double knit) which requires more rows etc.  I felt this was lighter than the worsted weight as the Little Mermaid who is going to wear it is currently in Queensland (although now she is moving to much colder climes apparently!)

And smaller yarn means smaller hooks and more stitches!
The mama of the Little Mermaid didn't want any pom poms, but you could pop one on the peak of the hood, or hanging from the scarf ends.

One tip. You'll notice I do my beginning chains with a 4mm hook, then switch to a 3.5mm hook.  This is prevent the beginning chain looking too tight (which you might notice in the first photo up top).
I now always use this hot tip:

easy granny stripe

Yarn: Double Knit in your favourite colours
A 4mm hook and 3.5mm hook
Darning Needle


To make the hood, I chained a length which is long enough to start from one shoulder, over the head to the other shoulder.  

I haven't mentioned colour changes in the pattern so you can change colours every row like I did, use only a few colours or make the whole piece in just one colour!

scarf hoodie crochet
So bright, my eyes, my eyes are burning!!!

With 4mm hook Chain 100.  This should give an ultimate hood length from one shoulder, over the head to the other shoulder of 58cm.

Switch to 3.5mm hook

Row 1: DC in the 3rd chain from the hook. DC in each chain across. Ch 4 & turn.

Row 2: 3 DC in the space between the 3rd & 4th DCs of the previous row. (Then skip 3 DCs , 3 DCs between the next 3rd & 4th DC posts.) Until the end then ending with 1 DC in the top of the last DC (which was the beginning ch 3) of the previous row. Ch 3 & turn.

*After creating all those granny clusters by crocheting 3DCs in the gaps between the 3rd and fourth DCs of the previous row,  the last granny cluster should leave 2 DCs in row one left (made up of 1DC and the beginning ch 3 of row 1). Your final single DC of row is made in the top of that ch 3.*

Row 3- 28: DC in the next gap closest to the chain 3 which should give the effect of having 2 DCs, then in each gap between each cluster of 3DCs of the previous row, crochet 3 DCs.
Continue in granny stripes.
At the end of 28 rows, finish off.

Fold in half and stitch the beginning chain sides together.

Now your folded piece should be approximately 29cm long.
Hood finished!  Weave in any ends to save too much weaving work later. 


This scarf is 166cm long all the way around.

Starting with your 4mm hook:

Ch 89, then slip stitch to the front bottom left corner, then SC around the base of the hood with 2 SCs in each DC post.
When you have SC'd around to the front bottom right hand side, start chaining again: Ch 89. Then Ch 3 & turn.

Switch down to your 3.5mm hook:

Row 1: DC in the 4th ch from the hook. DC in the same ch.
Skip 2 ch, 3 DC in the next ch, skip 2 ch, 3DC in the next ch. Continue in this pattern across all the chains and SCs to the very end. Then Ch 3, turn.

Row 2- 11 : continue in Granny Stripe, changing colours at the end of each row.
Then finish off.

Add your edging colour of choice. Join to any corner and sc around the entire scarf and hood.

crochet scoodie pattern

To finish off the scarf ends I crocheted cute little bunting flags as follows:
In each SC across: Ch 1 , HDC, DC, Ch 3 then sl st into 1st Ch, DC, HDC, SC, HDC, DC, Ch 3 then sl st into 1st Ch, DC, HDC, SC, HDC, DC, Ch 3 then sl st into 1st Ch, DC, HDC, SC, HDC, DC, Ch 3 then sl st into 1st Ch, DC, HDC, SC.

You could also make some cute little pom poms for the scarf ends.

free scoodie pattern

I'm soaking up the gorgeous colour before this gets popped in an Express Post bag for Bananabender land!

scoodie scoodie gumdrops

Any questions, suggestions are always welcome. If you make one, I'd love to see it! Pop on over to the Red Haired Amazona Crochets Facebook page to show it off or just say hi!
I hope you did enjoy my tutorial or any others you've found on my little blog.  Many of my tutorials are free for everyone, however if you'd like to make a little donation, it would be gratefully received and contribute towards future free tutorials!


  1. I love it!!!!! So so bright and colourful. I wish I had the courage to mix colours like that rather than regimented rainbows! I don't envy you sewing in all those ends though! Thanks for the tip of the hook size bigger for the chain ... if only I'd known that when I started a blanket a few months ago!

    1. Sewing in the ends did take a while! When my chain tension was too tight and i used that youtube tutorial to fix it, it made a world of difference and didn't take TOO long to do!

  2. I like this scoodie pattern and your colors! :). Thanks very much! :)
    Lee Ann

  3. Love the fab bright colours , and thanks for the great bigger hook to chain tip, I'll have to remember that.

  4. A very bright and joyful turned hood :)
    Thank you for your helpful advice about the size of the hook !!! Have a nice day!

  5. Wow those colours really pop, stunning

  6. This is such a fun idea and you've made it so beautifully, i'm sure it will be a firm favourite with its new young owner! x

  7. What a fabulous scoodie, such vibrant colours.


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